Specialising in recruitment to recruitment


Having worked for other recruitment firms and having many friends and colleagues still working within the industry, I know that every agency is different and so it is imperative to pick the one that's right for you.
I do my utmost to meet every candidate face to face to enable me to carry out a thorough fact find to try to establish which agencies and roles would interest them the most.

Rather than mailing your CV to all and sundry, or trying to sell you an unsuitable agency, I will listen to your requirements and career aspirations and then suggest which agencies I believe to be the most suitable.
Successful recruitment businesses are built on referrals so it is in my interest to place you somewhere I feel you would be happy, rather than simply trying to generate a quick fee.

My clients trust me to only send them relevant CVs, so if I recommended an interview they will usually see you, providing there is a position available. In addition I also have experience delivering CV and interview preparation training to professional job seekers (following the 2008 recession), and so am well equipped to advise you on these matters. I always work hard on my candidates' behalf and am contactable at all times for any advice or queries.

Please email me at info@elliereed.co.uk or call me on 01274 953497 if you are interested in arranging a meeting to discuss a potential move.